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Originally from the south coast of Hampshire, I've been living near Kinross in beautiful southern Perthshire since 2003. My first visit to Scotland was in 2002 and I was instantly inspired and drawn to the amazing landscape.

I love having a job that is also my passion: dogs and wildlife! I grew up with West Highland Terriers and I got my first dog in 2004; Corbie, a Labrador.  Corbie has been my artistic inspiration and the walls are adorned with various paintings and drawings of him.  In early 2017, Logie, our latest Labrador addition, joined Corbie. Sadly, Corbie died suddenly on Christmas day 2017, and is much missed.

Since 2014 I have been a volunteer with the RSPB (of which I'm a member), helping to keep watch over a pair of White-tailed Eagles. I've had so many wonderful encounters with these birds, and have got to know a few individuals.

I keep a (not used as much as it should!) blog Nature, Wildlife & Landscapes of Scotland, a record of my sightings and places visited, as well as my artistic musings.

My online Galleries show a good selection of my work. I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Pet Portraits
Pets have been my main focus for a number of years, working in watercolour, pencil or acrylics to capture the unique personality of your pet.

If you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait, more detailed information is on the Commissions Information pages or download my Commission Information & Price Guide, in PDF format.

I do accept wildlife commissions from your own photos.

My main wildlife art focus is the rare and majestic White-Tailed Eagle (Sea Eagle). Britain's largest bird of prey was once hunted to extinction in Britain, but is now regaining a flourishing population in Scotland thanks to reintroduction projects on the west and east coasts.  I have been lucky to have some fantastic sightings of these birds and never tire of watching them. Click here to read about my fundraising.

I really enjoy drawing cartoons and have been inspired by the antics of Scotland's White-Tailed Eagles. Visit my Cartoon Gallery to see some Eagle Antics! There is also a free eBook you can download called 'Frozen Nuptials', a love story based on the antics of a pair of east Scotland White-tailed Eagles.

Eagle Antics books are available to purchase via my online Shop.

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