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Eagle Antics: Tales from Scotland's White-tailed Eagles
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Frozen Nuptials
A love story based on the real-life antics of
two east Scotland White-tailed Eagles.
Boy Eagle meets girl Eagle ...
Boy Eagle gets lost ...
Girl Eagle gets angry ...

Free eBook 'Frozen Nuptials'.
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Tales from the Nest
Have you ever wondered what Scotland’s White-tailed Eagles get up to during nesting season?  Then look no further! Tales from the Nest goes behind the scenes with the first breeding pair of White-tailed Eagles in the east of Scotland for almost 200 years. We also visit a few well-established pairs raising their families on the Isle of Mull.

The Cartoons - Volume One
Join Henry, Haggis, Mull, Arran, Norbett and friends in the first volume of my Eagle Antics cartoons. Follow the antics of Scotland’s White-tailed Eagles, from the east to the west - and not forgetting the islands!  

Luck o' the Irish
In November 2011 a young White-Tailed Eagle from the Irish release project found himself in trouble on a remote beach in north east Scotland. This is a story about his Scottish adventure... he was a very lucky eagle indeed!  

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