First Tentative Steps into Teaching Art

I have recently started to set up an online beginners art group to try and encourage people who would like to learn to draw and paint. At the moment it is just for a few, but hopefully once I’ve built up the group I can offer this for others.

Yesterday I posted a photo for members to have a go at drawing. It is wonderful when people have a go and challenge themselves. It doesn’t matter if you think you are ‘rubbish’, ‘not very good’, ‘can’t draw a stick man’ because every time you push yourself to try something new, you are one step better than you were yesterday.

Teaching art is completely new to me, and I have all the concerns about my teaching abilities that my group members have about their art. I’ve learnt a lot through dog training over the past year (believe it or not), in that you have to be patience, encourage and build confidence.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at drawing, give it a go. Get yourself a pencil and some paper. Go and sit in the garden or work from a photo if that’s easier, and see what you can achieve.

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