Shop Item Focus: Paw Print Plaques

I got the idea for the Paw Print plaques after I lost my dear Labrador, Corbie. I wanted something as a little memory. ‘Labradors leave paw prints forever on your heart‘ came to mind, because they definitely do!

I have my chocolate Labrador version hanging by Corbie’s and Logie’s puppy portraits.

There are several breeds available in my online shop here. Plaques are priced at £10.99 each including first class postage (UK only). I try to have one of each breed already made up, but if I don’t have one ready it will usually only take an extra day or two to get this done.

If you have a breed you’d like that isn’t currently listed, please contact me with your requirements. If I can’t get a wooden embellishment in your breed choice, another option is to paint the silhouette directly onto the plaque. See the photo below of Shar Pei plaque done in this way.

Current breeds listed:
– Bernese Mountain Dog
– German Shepherd Dog
– Golden Retriever
– Labrador – chocolate, black, yellow options
– Newfoundland (Newfie)
– West Highland Terrier (Westie)
– Pointer
– Poodle
– Spaniel

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