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Marine Clean in Memory of a Humpback Whale

On Sunday 16th June, I took part in Marine Clean 2019 organised by a good friend of mine, Ailsa, who volunteers with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).  The clean was done in memory of a Humpback Whale who was spotted earlier this year in the Firth of Forth dragging a buoy along behind […]

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Shop Item Focus: Paw Print Plaques

I got the idea for the Paw Print plaques after I lost my dear Labrador, Corbie. I wanted something as a little memory. ‘Labradors leave paw prints forever on your heart‘ came to mind, because they definitely do! I have my chocolate Labrador version hanging by Corbie’s and Logie’s puppy portraits. There are several breeds […]

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A new Portraits of Pets!

Welcome to my new-look for Portraits of Pets. It’s been a number of years since I’ve redesigned my website and things have moved on a lot in that time. It should also now function well on mobile and tablet devices. I expect a few teething issues and tweaking, but hopefully the information is easy to […]

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