Meeting Thoroughbred Horse ‘King of Answers’

On 24th September I finally met King of Answers, a thoroughbred I own a share in with Claymore Racing, and whose portrait I’ve painted.

It was my first visit to Lucinda Russell Racing yard. During the visit I watched a few groups on the gallops, including seeing King run. Loved it, as did the horses, getting a good leg stretch.

Here is the finished painting, and also a photo of me and King, with his portrait. When I showed it to him I watched as his eye looked down at it and then he lightly rested his muzzle on it. I think that was the King’s seal of approval!

King of Answers giclée art print
King of Answerspainting
King of Answers and me posing with his portrait
King and me posing with his portraitI love this photo!
(Sorry about the glare off of the protective cellophane I had the painting in.)
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