Other Information

Other Information

Photo Tips and Requirements
There are a few pointers regarding photographs for me to capture the best likeness of your pet: the better the photo quality, the more details I can get into your portrait. 

The main features for detail are the eyes, the windows of the soul! Ideally, they should be clearly visible in images. 

Photos should be clear and in focus. A natural light source on the pet’s face shows up detail and colour better than photos taken using a flash. Ideally, take the photos outside rather than indoors and at your pet’s level. 

The larger resolution photo size you have, the better. This shows up the finer details when enlarging, rather than pixelating. 

Low resolution images and cropped photos are not the best to work from as the image resolution can be below ideal and photos tend to pixelate, losing important detail in the eyes, etc. If this is the only photo you may have, then I will obviously do my best from the image provided. I will be happy to offer any advice on images you have. 

Smart phone cameras: More people use their phones as cameras now, but indoor or poorly lit photos can be difficult to work from as the subject can appear very dark/flat, with very little in the way of contrast and detail visible. I get as much detail as I can if this is the only source of photos you have. 

Please remember that I only have the photo to work from, I don’t know the pet so, for example, if the eye area looks black on the photo that is all I will be able to see. I do try and put in more than I can see if the image requires it: for example, fur detail in dark areas where photos show a solid black, I have to add texture.

How to Send Your Photos 
Please email me any images you wish me to look at. I am more than happy to have a look at several photos and advise which would be the best to work from. I will always confirm when I have received photos, so if you don’t hear back from me I’ve likely not received them – this can happen when sending large file sizes by email. 

Alternatively, you can send photos via WeTransfer, an easy to use site for sending large image sizes / multiple images. You will usually receive an email notification when the files have been successfully uploaded and again when they have been downloaded by myself. 

Two or More Pets in a Painting 
If you want a painting with two or more pets in it, then don’t worry too much about trying to get them to sit together for a photograph. Separate similar images can be put together to create a portrait, either as ‘floating’ headshots or side-by-side. 

Payment Methods 
Payment for the deposit and balance can be made by cheque, credit/debit card (via Paypal) or Paypal. 

Paypal is the company I use to handle my online card payment transactions, and it is a free, secure service and you don’t need to have an account with them to pay by card. The invoice has details of how to pay, and will be emailed to you for both deposit and balance payments.

If you are new to making payments using a credit or debit card with Paypal, the easy-to follow instructions will guide you through the check-out process, similar to any online store. 

Overseas Addresses
I am happy to accept overseas commissions. Please contact me for a quotation, which will be calculated based on airmail costs and the current exchange rate. Payment via Paypal only.

If you have any other questions about the commission process, please let me know at portraitspets@aol.com