Other Information

Other Information

Additional Shipping Information
The maximum size for Royal Mail’s special delivery service is just over the A2 size. I can usually package A2 portraits to fit this into this size category. Anything larger has to be sent by Parcelforce and I can provide a quote for this.

International orders. Maximum insured value for Royal Mail’s International Signed service is £250. Paintings valued over this will need to be sent by a Parcelforce Worldwide service that insures artwork.

Photo Tips and Requirements
Below is a summary on how to take the best photos of your pet. These will enable me to get as much detail into the portrait.  I’ve written a more in-depth blog post about photos for your pet portraits, including some good and bad examples, and you can read it here: Pet Portraits: Photo Hints & Tips

I only have a photo to work from to capture your pet in their portrait, as the majority of pets I paint I have never met, so here are some helpful points regarding photographs for me to capture the best likeness of your pet.

1) The higher photo quality, the more details I can put into your portrait.

2) The main features for detail are eyes as this is usually the first thing that draws you in. Ideally, they need to be visible in images rather than just a dark area when the light is poor.

3) Photos should be clear and in focus.

4) Try and avoid using a flash. A natural light source on the pet’s face shows up detail and colour better. Take photos outside, rather than indoors, especially is using a Smart Phone camera.

5) The larger resolution photo size you have, the better. This shows up the finer details when enlarging. Low resolution images and cropped small photos are not the best to work from as resolution is often poor when enlarged to a workable size, losing important detail. If this is the only photo you have, then I will do my best from the image provided.

I will be happy to offer any advice regarding photo selection for your portrait.

How to Send Your Photos
Please email me any images you wish me to look at. I can advise which would be the best to work from if you have a selection.

I will always confirm when I have received photos. These can be emailed to me, but if sending a lot of large file sized images, WeTransfer.com is a better alternative.

Two or More Pets in a Painting
If you want a painting with two or more pets in it, then separate similar images can be put together to create a portrait, either as ‘floating’ headshots or side-by-side. Unless you have pets that are really good and all look at the camera together and are happy to sit for a photo!

Payment Methods
Payment for the deposit and balance can be made securely online by credit/debit card (via Paypal), Paypal or bank transfer. Bank transfer is preferred for UK payments if you are able to pay this way, as I don’t get charged a fee for receiving payments. UK cheque is also accepted.

Paypal is the company I use to handle my online card payment transactions, it is free for you to use, secure, and you don’t need to have a Paypal account. The invoice has details of how to pay and a link will be emailed to you for you to access this online, for both deposit and balance payments.

If you are new to paying using a credit or debit card with Paypal, the easy-to follow instructions will guide you through the check-out process, similar to any online store.

International Addresses
I am happy to accept overseas commissions. Please contact me for a quotation, which will be calculated based on airmail costs and the current exchange rate.

Online payment can only be accepted for non-UK orders which is handled securely through Paypal.

If you have any other questions about the commission process, please let me know at portraitspets@aol.com