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Posts about paintings I’ve completed.

Meeting Thoroughbred Horse ‘King of Answers’

On 24th September I finally met King of Answers, a thoroughbred I own a share in with Claymore Racing, and whose portrait I’ve painted. It was my first visit to Lucinda Russell Racing yard. During the visit I watched a few groups on the gallops, including seeing King run. Loved it, as did the horses, […]

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In Progress: Thoroughbred Horse Painting ‘King of Answers’

My latest painting is of a handsome Thoroughbred horse called King of Answers. Update: The painting is now complete and fine art prints are available in my online store here: King of Answers, Thoroughbred Horse – Giclée Art Print I love horses. When I was a child I was obsessed! I went to a local stables, […]

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8by8 Collection: Red Fox Painting

A watercolour painting I completed in 2022 of a Red Fox. The red fox I haven’t seen many foxes in the wild. The closest I seemed to get most of the time was my old Labrador who always took a fancy to rolling in fox poop (never a nice drive home with that smell in […]

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Christmas Pet Portrait Commissions

Updated November 2022 🎄Christmas commission bookings are now closed for 2022  Bookings being taken for 2023. Slots available from around late February.January 2023 fully booked. Mid-March-mid April fully booked. In this blog post is information regarding orders for Christmas Pet Portrait Commissions in 2022, and how to make a booking. Early booking is advisable. Pet […]

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8by8 Wildlife Collection

In the summer of 2021, I began working on my first Collection, the 8by8 Wildlife Collection. I’ve called it the 8by8 Wildlife Collection because all pieces are 8 inches x 8 inches in size.  It consists of eight pieces of work. My aim is to feature wildlife from the UK and around the world, capturing […]

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