Bullfinch Painting

A painting of a male Bullfinch I completed in 2020.

Bullfinch. Watercolour, 7″ x 7″

Bullfinches definitely have to be in my list of favourite birds. The males have a stunning blush pink chest, with the females a duller brown, but equally as beautiful. Both have black heads and a flash of white upon the rump as they fly.

Always a joy to see these birds in winter against a snowy backdrop.

When we have had really cold and snowy winters, Bullfinches have often come to the feeders. I have often seen them picking away at the hawthorne berries.

A beautiful bird to paint.

Bullfinch timelapse video


  • Winsor & Newton Cotman and Professional Watercolours
  • Bockingford NOT watercolour paper
  • Reference photo Pxhere.com
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