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Red Kites in Dumfries and Galloway

I recently spent a week in Dumfries and Galloway, south west Scotland, around the area called the Galloway Red Kite Trail. These beautiful birds of prey put in an appearance every day. Often one would fly low over the garden. A Red Squirrel was also one of the garden visitors. He (yes, I could clearly […]

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New Puffin Art

I have recently added a new Puffin portrait to my work. Always a favourite of mine to paint, A Puffin is now available to purchase in my online Shop Painting information The original drawing is for sale in my online shop here: A Puffin – Original Drawing Size: A5, 8.3 inches x 5.8 inches / […]

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8by8 Collection: Red Fox Painting

A watercolour painting I completed in 2022 of a Red Fox. The red fox I haven’t seen many foxes in the wild. The closest I seemed to get most of the time was my old Labrador who always took a fancy to rolling in fox poop (never a nice drive home with that smell in […]

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8by8 Wildlife Collection

In the summer of 2021, I began working on my first Collection, the 8by8 Wildlife Collection. I’ve called it the 8by8 Wildlife Collection because all pieces are 8 inches x 8 inches in size.  It consists of eight pieces of work. My aim is to feature wildlife from the UK and around the world, capturing […]

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Time-lapse: Osprey Painting

I recently completed a small watercolour portrait of an Osprey and recorded a time-lapse video as I painted. It’s the time of year when Ospreys begin to return to their breeding grounds in the UK after spending the autumn and winter months in the warmer climate of Africa. I shall be keeping my eyes peeled […]

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