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Trick Dog Titles

During Lockdown I started to teach my Labrador, Logie, tricks to see if we could earn a Trick Dog title. Having seen the lists of tricks for each title, I thought I could get Novice, and possibly Intermediate. I’m so happy that we have gained both of those titles, and yesterday clinched our Advanced! My […]

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Dog Fur For Nesting Birds

During this time of year when the garden birds are busy building and maintaining their nests, I always put out my Labrador’s fur for them after he’s had a good brush. I use an old fat ball feeder to put it in and hang up alongside the bird food.  Blue tits have claimed the nest […]

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Dog Training Injuries: Watch Your Feet!

In this blog, I’m going to start adding some posts related to the joys of dog ownership. Being a pet portrait artist, many fellow dog owners visit my website and may find some of the information useful or amusing, as in this case! This post relates to an incident I had a couple of weeks […]

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