Dog Fur For Nesting Birds

During this time of year when the garden birds are busy building and maintaining their nests, I always put out my Labrador’s fur for them after he’s had a good brush. I use an old fat ball feeder to put it in and hang up alongside the bird food. 

Blue tits have claimed the nest box on our garage wall again this year. It’s been there for 8 years, and has been used every year, with the other years claimed by great tits. 

I gave Logie Lab a brush a couple of days ago, and no sooner had I put his fur out, the nest box blue tit pair arrived. One was pulling out clumps of fur, while his mate fed from the peanut feeder.  There will be some very cosy chicks again this year.

The nest box Blue Tits: Labrador fur collecting and eating
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