Dog Training Injuries: Watch Your Feet!

In this blog, I’m going to start adding some posts related to the joys of dog ownership. Being a pet portrait artist, many fellow dog owners visit my website and may find some of the information useful or amusing, as in this case!

This post relates to an incident I had a couple of weeks ago.  I’m halfway through my year as a student of online dog training programme Recallers, and I was playing one of our training games with Logie for the first time, in the house thankfully.  One aspect of this particular game focuses on impulse control.  We’ve got a nice long hallway, perfect for a run to test the pup.  Unfortunately, as I called Logie’s release word ‘break’ and ran, I trod one foot onto the back of the slipper on my other foot, coming to an immediate halt and falling hard onto my knees, then flat on my face. Thank goodness for carpet.

As I looked up from my sprawled out position, there was Logie, looking down at me with a concerned look on his face.  I forgave him for breaking his sit!

One of my knees suffered a direct hit last year from a certain Labrador running at full speed into it, and memories of the agony I felt then emerged for a few days after this bang.

My wee trip inspired me (not too sure if falling is a good inspiration?!) to draw this cartoon.

© Karen Hartnell 2020

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