Labrador Family Portraits

It is always wonderful to be commissioned to paint a portrait of a member of my Labrador Logie’s family. In 2019, I painted the portrait below of Logie’s sister, Breagha.

Black Labrador watercolour - Breagha
Black Labrador Breagha. Watercolour

The next family member I painted a portrait of was Logie’s great, great, great auntie, Kara, a Christmas surprise for her owner. Logie often plays with his half-sister Arya, who is three days older, and Kara is her auntie. (It gets confusing with all of these Labs to keep track of who is related to who!)

What I did notice when painting Kara is that she has a similar whisker pointing upwards just like Logie does on the same side of his muzzle.

Black Labrador painting - Kara
Black Labrador painting Kara. Watercolour

And, just because, here’s a photo of Logie with Arya, enjoying a walk in our local hills together last summer. 

Logie and Arya enjoying a walk this summer
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