Tag: wildlife conservation

Bald Eagle Family painting

My eagle art work has so far been focused on UK-native species, but I have recently completed a painting of a Bald Eagle Family.   The painting The painting Bald Eagle Family depicts an adult Bald Eagle on the nest keeping a watchful eye on the twins. These particular birds are in Canada.  I enjoyed the challenge […]

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Finished Painting: Young Lion

In May I blogged the work-in-progress photos of the young lion painting I was working on, Young Lion Painting in Progress, and today I have finally finished it. Lions are a new painting subject, giving me the opportunity to study the fur pattern and colouring closely for the first time. The tree bark was also […]

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Tiger Art for WWF Global Tiger Day

I’m a member of the Society for All Artists (SAA) and they held a WWF Global Tiger Day challenge. The aim was to paint tigers to highlight their plight. The idea I had was a cub with it’s mother, the cub being the future of tigers. Wanting to keep the piece relatively simple, I worked […]

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