Tiger Artwork for WWF Global Tiger Day

I’m a member of the Society for All Artists (SAA) and recently they held a WWF Global Tiger Day challenge. The aim was to paint tigers to highlight their plight.

I had an idea in my head, a cub with it’s mother, the cub being the future of tigers. Thankfully, I found a great reference photo and cropped this considerably with the main focus on the cub looking up to its mum.

I completed the piece in Mars Black Lumograph pencils, which give a nice dark black, and kept it to a couple of pencil grades and not too finely detailed.

I entered my work, and waited.

When I returned from a holiday at the beginning of July, my magazine arrived the same day, and I was delighted to see my drawing had made the final selection to be printed in the magazine.

The text I wrote to accompany my entry is as follows:
‘Looking to the Future’ My picture shows a tigress looking down at her cub, both unaware of the crisis surrounding their species. They are the first tigers I have drawn and kept it relatively simple, using only a couple of pencil grades, trying to capture the playfulness and innocence of the cub. Mars Lumograph black pencils on Derwent smooth watercolour paper. From a reference photo by Natasha Jefferies at Wildlife Reference Photos.

‘Looking to the Future’
My artwork in the SAA July 2019 magazine
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