A Steller’s Sea Eagle In Progress

Currently on the wildlife drawing board, working around the commissions, is this Steller’s Sea Eagle painting. Acrylics, on heavyweight watercolour paper (18″ x 14″, reference photo for the painting: Jo Dale at Wildlife Reference Photos).

Steller’s Sea Eagle in progress
(photo taken with my phone, so not super sharp, I’ll save the best version for the finished piece)

I’m on a mission to paint the Steller’s Sea Eagle (largest and most powerful) and the Bald Eagle (the largest of the native North American eagles) from the Haliaeetus genus. If you have looked at my Wildlife Gallery, you will see I already have many paintings of the White-tailed Eagle, Europe’s largest eagle, and a bird I have a huge interest in.

I’ve spent many hours in the Scottish wilds watching White-tailed Eagles. I’ve only ever seen the Steller’s and Bald as captive birds as part of a display, but this gave me great close-up views of them.

Here’s a video of me painting some of the primary feathers on the Steller’s wing. It’s beginning to take shape.

Detailing primary feathers on Steller’s Sea Eagle wing
Steller’s Sea Eagle – Look at the size of that beak!

© Karen Hartnell

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