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My wildlife sightings and photos

Bluebell Time

Spring is gradually creeping towards summer. A slow creep in my part of Scotland, we had snow in May this year. This is also the time of year that the much-loved Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) appears. Creating a carpet of blue and purple hues through a sun-dappled woodland glen, their scent lingering in the air. Amongst […]

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Ospreys Return

It’s that time of year again when Ospreys begin to return to Scotland from their over-winter in warm African climes. I often see them around the local area and, with plenty of lochs, there is no shortage of food. Nearby Loch Leven is a great place to Osprey watch around August time. Many birds spend […]

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Snow Days

I love winter and snow days, especially when the sun is out. This time of year the light is amazing. A proper winter definitely beats those dull, damp, grey winter days I often experienced in my native Hampshire. Snow was a rare occurrence where I grew up. Once every ten years there would be a […]

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Red Deer Rut

I’m lucky to have a deer farm nearby where in late September and into October I get to experience the sights and sounds of the Red Deer Rut. The stags’ bellows echo around the village, as each male strives to become the best to gain the hinds affections. During the rut I went to photograph […]

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Nuthatch, A New Garden Visitor

Last week I was sitting at the kitchen table, having breakfast, and watching the birds through my binoculars when a surprise visitor appeared. A bird I had only seen on two occasions before, high up in tree tops, a nuthatch. It has since become a frequent visitor. What a lovely addition to the garden. Here’s […]

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