Wildlife Art: Golden Eagle, Golden Skye

This blog takes a look at the inspiration behind one of my wildlife art paintings: Golden Eagle, Golden Skye.

Golden Eagle, Golden Skye. Acrylics on box canvas, 50cm x 19.5cm

During November 2013, I was undertaking a long walk on the Isle of Skye. It was mid-morning and the light across to the Outer Hebrides was stunning. Shafts of sunlight broke through the clouds, illuminating the cliffs, differing hues of oranges, yellows and purples faded into the distance. The patches of light moved across the Sound, turning the water from deep blue to a sparkling white.

The light seemed to constantly change, as it tends to do in the west during a day of sunshine and showers, turning from grey to gold and back again.

I had caught sight of a Golden Eagle soaring close by.  It circled, climbed, soared, and then another eagle joined it.  I stood still, binoculars glued to my eyes, getting amazing views of this pair of majestic birds.  Occasionally, I caught sight of the sun catching an eagle’s golden nape. Their contact calls to each other crossed the moorland.

Golden Eagle soaring, Isle of Skye. November 2013
Shafts of sunlight, Isle of Skye

Then that perfect moment came. One of the eagles created a silhouette of itself again the stunning backdrop of pale orange, golden sky, distance Outer Hebrides and the sparkling sea.

If there was ever a scene to be painted!

© Karen Hartnell

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